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Looking for a Holker Canberra model


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I cannot find a model for The Holker Canberra--the T.14 model.


The repaint file is "can_saaf.zip".


Its Readme says:


Installation (Fs2004)


This zip file contains only the textures. You will also need the original "EE CAnberra B.2 RhAF zip" (Can_RhAF) The intended method for

installation is as an optional set of markings.


A) Install the EE Canberra B.2 aircraft package.

B) Make a new folder under the "Aircraft\Canberra_rhaf" folder name

it "texture.saaf".

C) Copy the textures from the original "Canberra_rhaf/texture.2" folder to the new one

C) Extract the texture files (*.bmp) in this zip file to the "\texture.saaf" folder.

DO accept the overwrite when prompted.

D) Edit the aircraft.cfg files to add a new [fltsim.x] section that reads as follows:

(change "x" to be the next number in sequence -- don't duplicate or skip or

it will not work)


Any ideas where I can find the original "EE CAnberra B.2 RhAF zip"?

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