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Flight Sim X Deluxe Error 1309

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I have 2004 currently installed and went just super, then I loaded Flight Sim X Deluxe and it goes well until the very end and up pops error code 1309 and I cannot continue Please help.

I also have the following games that I have installed

Combat Flight Sim 3 and Flight Sim 2004.

I would like to install the following;

Flight Sim X Gold


The reason for not going with the Gold Edition is I think I might be missing a disk I have two currently Disk 1 and another Disk Acceleration Pack, when I load any of these I am never asked for a key


Computer has 1Terribyte HD

and zotac graphic card

mother board is gigabyte.

Thank you

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I have to add to the above post, I do know why it was so confusing somehow I acquired FSX Deluxe and FSX Gold both are the same except Gold has the Acceleration disk and I had disk 2 in with another flight cd just getting to old and my mind is somewhere else.

Again Thank you for the help


Cushing, WI

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