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Turning off DX10 preview makes everything black


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So recently I downloaded World of AI, and I noticed some planes are white textured and does not look right and ruins the realism of the game. So after a quick google search, I found out it's because it's made for DX9, not DX10. So I found out all my mods are compatible with DX9. So I go ahead and turn DX10 preview off in settings. I boot it up again, and my Plane preview screen is black. In-Game everything is black. I tried Re-Installing in Vanilla, and nothing helped. I searched the Forums and no one else had this problem. Any ideas?


PC: Intel I7 8 Core

240 GB SSD

2 TB Hard Drive

GTX 970


FSX Steam Edition:

World of AI

REX 4 Texture Direct

REX Worldwide Airports HD

Aerosoft A320/A321 with A319/A318 Bundle

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Delete the shaders folders. They are somewhere in "C/Users/Appdata". So not in the main fsx folder.

I'm not at my computer and don't remember the exact path.

Google: shaders fsx

to find it.


I tried that, nothing changed.

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Wow! That's a switch!! I and many, many others found we had black buildings and other scenery features with DX10 Preview turned On! My experience, plus that of a huge number of others, was if I turned DX10 Preview Off, everything looks fine and has done so for years!! ;)
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