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Hello All..


Im new to this forum and fairly new to flight sims.. Ive toyed with fsx off and on for years but am just now getting serious about it. I own CH products yoke and pedals but I just won an insane ebay auction with all saitek gear for an extremely low price, the guy misspelled Saitek ( saitex ) and I saved about $800 because I was one of two bidders.... now im overwhelmed. I have no clue where to start, ive been researching and reading for days on how to hook everything up and different addons and programs to run. How do you guys do it??! It seems like it takes insane amount of patience to get all the programs and hardware to work good together, not to mention all the updates and addons, scenery packs, etc...


Where do I start?!


I did a fresh install on my PC with FSX and have a bunch of scenery packs and carenado planes. I keep having the same issues of screens blacking out, resolution problems.. cant get it to function with more than one monitor... etc...

im feeling defeated before I even receive all my saitek hardware haha.


What are the basic things I should do to start a fresh install? I read that I will need aftermarket drivers to get all my saitek gear to work properly? Im sorry if this has been posted before, forgive me.. compete noob in this department.


I look forward to getting to know all of you in the years to come.



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First of all, welcome to crazyland! Second of all get your FSX running the best as possible before trying any of that Saitek stuff. You will need to search for threads about using multiple monitors and what ever software you need to do that.....Tripleheadtogo or whatever! I am assuming the Saitek stuff will plug in using USB connections. Get yourself a powered USB hub or you will run into trouble.


Next be sure to join us on the FSX forum. Possibly more help there than on the Newcomer Forum.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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