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Aifp problem with ice ai traffic

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I nearly thought about using ICE/SKY AI as my AI traffic, but didn't because of the pirating issues they've had. Currently I use WOAI (Mainly consisting of American carriers) and it works fantastic! While they don't come with custom AI sound (I gave my WOAI aircraft custom AI sounds), WOAI's models are frame-rate friendly. Currently I set my default traffic file to sleep and use this for my Airline Traffic.


(FYI you'll need to get AI Flight Planner to convert the WOAI traffic files from FS9 format to FSX format. ALL of WOAI's packages are in FS9 format, even if it says for FSX.)


For GA traffic, there is 2 ways to get custom GA traffic, which I use both.


If you live in Washington or in the Pacific Northwest in general, you can download Orbx's freeware FTX PNW General Aviation AI Traffic, which covers mainly Washington, but adds a diverse amount AI aircraft. One thing I dislike about FTX's GA traffic is that ALL their Cessna singles (152, 172, 177, 182) use the Cessna 177 model. To fix this, just go to AI Flight Planner, open the FTX GA traffic files, and change the flight plans consisting of Cessnas using the Cessna 177 model to the real aircraft if you have it (Example: A flight plan uses the Cessna 172 that uses the Cessna 177 model from FTX. change the AI flight plan to show the default Cessna 172 instead of the "Cessna 172" using the Cessna 177 file.)


Option 2 is that you could get this neat little program from FlyAwaySimulations called FSX GA-TRAFFIC which is a traffic generator. You can select which models/airplane (example: select to use the FTX GA AI models) you want it to use for generating AI traffic and you can disable parts of the world if you don't fly in that part. Example, I disabled all countries except the USA and I choose which models I want it to generate as AI. You can also set how the program will generate the AI traffic. When you are done, you just select Generate Flight Plan and the program generates a single BGL traffic file where you would place it into you scenery folder of FSX.


For Military, I use MAIW and only have a few packages from them consisting only of squadrons and air wings in the state of Washington.

(Example: Navy EA-18G Growlers from Whidbey NAS or the C-17s from McChord AFB or the Oregon Air National Guard F-15s out of Portland Intl.)

MAIW though was a bit of a pain for me to set up, but once you figure it out, it works like a charm. (FYI MAIW is very similar to WOAI).


Sorry for the long post, but just suggesting an alternative to the pirated ICE/SKY AI.

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