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Weird Problem Steam doesn't recognize FSX:SE files


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Hi. I am running Windows via bootcamp, so actually I'm using a Mac, and today when I tried to log in to Steam, in the Windows side, Steam said I was already running my profile in this computer. I just restarted Steam, logged in again, and everything went fine. But then I noticed my FSX was appearing as desinstalled in my Steam. I wasn't being able to play it at all, as Steam wasn't recognizing FSX files. I've checked the files and they're in their proper place.


The thing is, I am able to start FSX, but when I open the 'Free Flight' menu, the game crashes immediately, as it is being run through Steam and Steam doesn't know there the files are. I think that is the reason. At least I know that the game doesn't have any data because it's all inside the Steam/FSX folder.


And trying to initiate the install in Steam actually isn't a solution, as I don't have enough disk space available. There must be another way to make Steam recognize the files once again. A help would be hugely appreciated :)

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You need to check the integrity of your files, from steam click library, right click flight sim steam edition, click properties, (TAB)-local files-verify integrity of files, that should fix any corrupt files.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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