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Airnav systems fs live traffic 3

jean cl

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I don t know if this right place but I'm hoping someone may be able to assist me.I subscribed to FS LIVE TRAFFIC about a month now.I received the download traffic file but there is not traffic neither at gate,ground nor in the air.I contacted the airnav support team about the issue and was told two things:

Run as administrator

and go in to FSX Folder/scenery/world/scenery to check if there is TrafficAircraft.bgl still but it is missing from my FSX folder Thats why I can not get traffic into the FSX.

Here is my question.How Can I add this file"TrafficAircraft bgl" in to my fsx so I can enjoy it because the airnav people never got back to me how to resolve this issue


Thank you very much for your help

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