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Torrents not working - tracker offline


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It is unavailable if 'offline' is not the correct phraseology. I downloaded half of the v3 files yesterday and they all were fine. Today they are going nowhere and the other half of the torrents I downloaded are all at 0% trying to find any peers.
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I too have been downloading AND seeding the complete set 98 files and I am seeing the same thing. I will continue to seed and hope all will do the same. I have V2 installed so I can be patient!
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I could only reach it a few times during the last 2 days. I managed to download most of Europe, but still have a few files missing with no peers as the tracker is down (rtorrent counts 213 failed connections to the tracker, only 8 successful).


My first idea was to enable DHT and peer exchange but this isn't working either - apparently torrents/trackers can be marked "private" which suppresses DHT and peer exchange on clients which are implementing the protocol correctly. If the tracker is known to be unstable, wouldn't it be better to make those torrents public, so DHT and peer exchange can help when the tracker is down? Or at least automate restarting the tracker once per hour?


Of course I can download the remaining files (only 3-4GB left) via HTTP but I would prefer if I could contribute to spreading them as well which doesn't work with neither a working tracker nor DHT or peer exchange.

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FYI, We have been working on the problem all weekend.

Our original server has worked fine for the last year but

with these torrents, our tracker is getting overloaded and

crashing. We are working to get it running on a larger

server but we are having to compile a ton of stuff to get it

to run. The work is progressing slowly but surely.


I did try the option of multiple trackers, but most of the open ones

don't work reliably or are filled with piracy stuff. If anyone knows

of a public first class tracker service, please feel free to PM me and let me



I personally apologize for the delays but am working furiously to get

it going again.


Best Regards,


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Update: We have installed new .torrent files that don't require our tracker

to operate. Please download a new torrent file from the file library if you

are having problems and you will be successful! Our torrent server will

hopefully be back online later today.




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