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Pan Am Virtual Airways is proud to announce we are accepting pilots


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Pan Am Virtual Airways is proud to announce we are accepting pilots. Our Airline is based in JFK with hubs in MIA, SFO, FRA and LHR.


Focus Cities of LAX, NRT.


Fly the IGS for PAA or just hop around the Caribbean in a flying boat.


Fly the Pan Am Shuttle from LGA, or take a trip round the world on PAA flight 1.




Schedules for Pan Am Grace-Panagra, Avensa included, Pan Am Cargo flights too be added soon.


Schedules added everyday.


Fly all aircraft PAA and National Flew . From piston to jets. From our Famous Flying Boats to our beloved 747's.


You may fly any aircraft in our fleet from the time you start with us.


A charter ops section allows you to fly from any place in the world to your favorite destination (if aircraft range allow).


Modern Fleet to be added at a later date


We look forward to flying with you.






Just have a look on our website:



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Virual Trans World is now official partner of Pan Am Virtual.

Every flight at Pan Am Virtual is shown on vTWA map. Both Airlines using custom made ACARS to track their flights.

At both airlines pilots enjoy freedom to fly the route they want. Either scheduled or unscheduled flights.


Join the the most experienced airlines:



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