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problem with FSX and STB


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Greetings , my name is Gerray


I have Super Traffic Board and I use it with FSX My problem I think is due to: :confused:


I have downloaded and installed Kaitak 3d scenery from Flightsim and I also have the new Hong Kong airport in my FSX; when I try to use the STB the Hong Kong airport is recognised but not the kaitak airport. I assume the problem is a binary problem because both airports are not in the same location. My motivation was to have rwy 13 with the checkerboard etc... and traffic files.

Would there be a simmer that could explain to me what is needed to be done ( via binary system ) to have rwy 13 recognised by the STB.

Many thanks to those who understand my problem and respond to my post.


Fly safe,


Gerray :pilot:

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