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AI flight plan problem


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I have modified the default ETUO RAF GUTERSLOH with afcad and have also given it some AI Traffic--my aim being to represent 1979 or around that year.


One problem that exists is that my AI CANBERRA B.2, set to do Touch N' Go's, does them somehow but appears to climb, then lose altitude, climb again, and then as it nears the area---downwind-- to turn right towards the runway, it loses height again and disappears behind the trees and is never seen again...As if it had decided that discretion is the better part of valour and it is time to steal away from view...


:confused:I cannot figure out why this happens.


My flight plan source text file is:




and my aircraft source file is:


AC#1,350,"Canberra_B2_AI BJ"


The AI a/c used is acg_hunters_raf_9.zip, by John Young.


I think I have met this problem once before long ago, but do not remember if I fixed it or what I did then.



Any ideas please?

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