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Fix for panel light Default FSX Grumman Goose G21A.


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The default FSX Grumman Goose G21A. The instruments are hard to read at night.


There is a VC light in the aircraft.cfg. This is commented out, with two slashes (//) in front of the line.

Removing the slashes to enable the light, still does not give a clear view of the instruments at night.


Adding two extra lights as well does give a clear view.

the default vc light, now enabled, is light7.

the new lights are light.8 and light.9


light.7 = 4, 1.60, 0.00, 2.70, fx_vclight,

light.8 = 4, 1.50, -0.60, 2.40, fx_vclight,

light.9 = 4, 1.40, -0.50, 2.20, fx_vclight,



Before (but with default light already activated!):





After (2 extra lights):

after fix-1.jpg



after fix-2.jpg


Just a small fix.


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I wasn't quite correct there.

I was mixed up about the special "dawn/dusk" situation.


The one (default) vc light alone, light.7, works well enough at night.


It's at dusk, and dawn, and on very dark days, that extra lights in the vc would be useful.

At night all is well.

(even without remving the slashes of light.7 actually. With that light off, still lit instruments at night.).


With extra lights, night looks fine too.

I'm going to leave the lights in. That way I can read the instruments at day, dusk, and at night.

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