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RW12 Textures


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I have recently down-loaded a file placing oil rigs off the coast of Southern California west of the Channel Islands. The installation instructions say that RW12 textures are required. I have also down-loaded files that require RW12 scenery, and also files that require RW12 object. The only thing related to RW12 in the "must have" page in Fltsim.com, is RW12 scenery. Can someone tell me how to get the other RW12 files? I have never worked with RW12 material before, so this is really starting to be confusing...and frustrating.

Any info will be appreciated.

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"RW12 textures" probably means Rwy12 libraries. Search for these files in the file library here: RW12L112.ZIP, RW12L212.ZIP, RW12L312.ZIP, RW12PG12.ZIP.

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