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Its great to be back!


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Hi All!!!


Sitting here on a rainy Saturday morning and had the inspiration to grab the dusty FSX discs off the shelf and reinstall for the first time in 7 or 8 years. Cant wait to be back "flying" again!! Wondered about installing XP11, probably will as well, but FSX always has always held #1 place in my heart. 12 years ago I took over a 10'x10' room in the house and turned it into a full blown simulator, had the multiple screens, goflight modules, engine quadrants, the works, it was awesome!! Not quite a Project Magenta sim, but it sure flew me to many great locations :) Those were the days, before kids, before business responsibilities. sigh.


Anyways, whats new? lol. What are the "MUST HAVE" add-ons these days, I will obviously be searching the forums but perhaps you have some standards nowadays


BTW, if your interested, I consult at a cool company called VRX Simulators, have a look:) http://www.vrx.ca/pro-flight/


We recently installed 3 motion sims for Brietling, I was lucky enough to fly to Brietling HQ in Switzerland and configure theirs for public use.


Im rambling (excited about disc #2 installing as I type) anyways, feels good to be back, see you in the skies!!!!!



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Hi Kevin. One of the must-haves nowadays is ORBX scenery. They re-do the landclass, mesh, coastlines and add objects to all the airports in the region. t looks a little pricey at first, but once you buy it, its amazing. I hope you have lots of fun flying around and exploring in FSX.

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