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What is a Pusher cutout switch?


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No idea. Pusher could be stick pusher. Auto pushes stick forward when stall is detected.


(if it's that I wouldn't cut it out, there was a crash once where a plane retracted 1 Notch of flaps instead of retracting gear by mistake. Stick pusher was disabled, so did not push nose down when stall started. Pilot, unaware as copilot was the one that retracted the flaps, noticed too late and lost control of the aircraft.


I wish I could remember what reason they had for disabling the stick pusher.

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In real aviation fixed wing aircraft might have this feature. Simular to 'stick shaker' in that it activates when parameters point to an IMPENDING stall (loud alarm). But the pilot can manually deactivate it using this switch before take off or before flare if either is going to be 'extreme'. I am sure there are 1,000's of stories about this 'gadget' in real flying forums. Like the difference between Boeing and Airbus (which used 'fly by wire' system). Lots to read on it. Never used it in Sim. I learned something new today.

Chuck B


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