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AI flight planner for Steam


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Hello all,

So I have tried use the AI flight Planner by Don Grovestine. I have the latest update and use FSX steam. I start it up, and it immediately comes up with a " No installed version of Flight Simulator found. AIFP will now terminate." I have heard of some people getting it to work on steam but I cant even get enough time to link it up to my FSX steam folder before that error pops up. Anyone else have this issue or know how to fix it?

Thanks alot.
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Have you General Release 3.2.05 ?


Some text by Don Grovestine.


As of Development Release 3.2.04(m) - soon to become General Release 3.2.05 - AIFP handles all the known variations in installation of the Steam edition, and will select the correct FSX.cfg or FSX-SE.cfg file.




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In the SDK folder? I have clicked all of them and I guess they installed but nothing still.


Which in the SDK folder? If you mean AIFP, I installed it in Addon scenery> ...Microsoft Games> Microsoft Flight Simulator X>Addon Scenery>Traffic>AIFP. (Traffic folder I added by myself). But I think you can AIFP also in a other folder of Microsoft Flight Simulator X. But I have to say I use FSX.

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AIFP is a standalone program and can be installed anywhere. IMHO, it is better situated OUTSIDE of the sim (and the Program Files (X86) folder) - I have used it for many years like this (in a custom folder called D:\AIFP\ with no problems. Whilst AIFP itself doesn't write any info into the OS registry placing it in the Sim folder can cause issues, especially if you have to uninstall/reinstall the sim.....


WRT the OP's problem.......


Try the following.....


Go to the folder in which you have installed AIFP and locate the AIFP.ini file. Make a copy of it for safe keeping and then open the original file with notepad. At the top of the file you should see a number of entries like this example - the items in RED are the FSX relevant ones BUT note this is from my install so your details should be similar but different:


FS9 Base Folder=

FSX Base Folder=D:\FSX

P3D Base Folder=

P3D v2 Base Folder=

Path to FS9.cfg=


Path to P3D.cfg=

Path to P3Dv2.cfg=


1. The BASE folder entry should point to your main sim install folder.

2. The PATH entry should point to your FSX.cfg OR FSX_SE.cfg file location.


If these entries are blank you can add them, ensuring that you get the entries correct. Save the file and test AIFP.


IMPORTANT - Something to note WRT installing FSX and/or FSX-SE and the name used at the PATH to FSX.cfg ntry:


If you have never installed a boxed version of FSX prior to installing FSX-SE then the sim should have installed using the default PATH folder and .cfg file names - i.e FSX and FSX.cfg


If you have previously installed the FSX Boxed Edition and left it installed (or did not fully uninstall it) then the sim should have installed using the default FSX-SE PATH folder and .cfg file names - i.e FSX-SE and FSX_SE.cfg




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