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Rick Piper's Vickers Valetta


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I did some tests with Rick Piper's Vickers Valetta, taking off from KORD, turning 180* and coming back in land at KORD.



Test A:


With its original air file and a/c.cfg file, it took me 5 minutes to land and come to a stop (with engines cut and parking brake set) and I stopped way past the airport in the countlryside suburbs.:mad:


Test B:


with the airfile replaced by that of Edward Cook's Wellington X, w440_v04.zip,

and also the [brakes] section from its a/c.cfg into the original a/c cfg, it took me 3 minutes to do the test trip and I stopped before the runway ended (rwy 4R).:)



Do you find the same difficulties with the original files?


I intend to do a new test, TEST C, using the Alphasim Wellington airfile and brake settings.

I will post the findings of TEST C here.


The aim is to find the best performance.:):)

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Rick Piper's Valleta is a very nice aircraft! I just did a quick spin around my airport (5000 foot runway) and had no problems getting it stopped well short of runway end. I did readjust the toe brakes to .98 instead of .78 and no slamming the nose into the ground! ;)


Vickers Valleta.JPG

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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I used to be in Air Dispatch out in in the far east and worked the Valetta’s in Labuan of the Brunei coast and then in Kuching Borneo they really did a sterling job flying low down the valley’s and climbing out of them as been on active service the need for an escape route was not applicable in the early seventies. Talking to a pilot of a visiting Dakota he said that the Valetta’s could run circles round the Dakotas, the only drawback was the wing spare running though the cabin, lifting 200lbs pack over it while it was pulling max G.s was no fun may be tweaking the brake efficiency in the a/c cfg will sort it for you.



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Thanks mr zippy,



Will remember.


Haven't tried it yet as I have been busy porting the Edward Cook fs9 Hampen to fsx.


With a few gauge changes in the 2D panel plus a thumbail.jpg it ports over splendidly!!!




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