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Help Me Get to the Bottom of This (FSX Install Problem)


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Hi All,


As some may know, I have been having a problem. I tried the advice here and went with the KB928080 fix. When I run it, it returned "Access denied". So, hmmf!


When I load FSX I get this message:


Activation Error.png


I've clicked on Yes, gone to the site and it gives the same advice you good folks have given here. I THINK the problem here is I can't get to the "Activate Now" prompt. I'm never given that option.


I would do a complete uninstall/reinstall of FSX if I could to start with a clean slate, so to speak. But there are problems aplenty. When I did the initial install on this new computer it installed without creating an FSX folder (it put every file individually in the "Program Files (x86)"). FSX doesn't show up in the Control Panel>Programs either. So I can't uninstall it from there. I can and will go in and delete all of the individual FSX files that I can. But I believe that the install put stuff in the registry as well.


1) Is there any way that I can get the registry cleaned up in regards to FSX?

2) Assuming that I can get the files deleted and the registry cleaned, what will I need to do to get back to the "Activate Now" at that point?

3) I've put this copy of FSX Gold on 2 other computers over the years so I know the counter is at, at least, 2. Would it do any good to unistall FSX on one of the other computers? Does that reset the counter somehow?


Please let me know if I'm thinking along the right track on this or should I give up, throw in the towel, and get FSX-SE?



Bill Mattson


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Had the same problem years ago..you must follow those instructions to the tee for the reset tool.otherwise its going to keep muffing up..get yourself a good uninstaller and registry cleaner program something that goes deep into your system to remove any evidence of fsx..make sure you checkball your app data folders for vsync any fsx files..otherwise get fsx.se you will get a much more stable program of if you are feeling adventurous go to P3D and you will never look back and curse yourself on why you ever wasted so many hours on a dysfunctional piece of software. Or do what i did and just jumped over to xplane 11..😎😎


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