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as16 crash help


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I have crashed about a dozen times now, I uninstalled the program including the update and downloaded a fresh copy of the full program installed it actaviated it and still after 10-15 mins I crash with the screen shot popup. Please help if you can... ad


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Update folks, Today I uninstalled both AS16 & ASCA, reinstalled the original AS16 and had a great flight, no problems. After the flight I installed the update and received the same error. I don't expect to hear from Hifi until next week, mon or tues.
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This is what Hifi gave me to try. I have d/l the latest and installed it. Next will be the flight test. I will let you all know if it works.





Regarding your FSUIPC installation:


We have confirmed numerous problems caused by outdated versions of FSUIPC.


You are running an outdated version of FSUIPC4.





If you use FSUIPC and are experiencing any issues with Active Sky,

please update your FSUIPC to the latest version 4.961 using the FULL

INSTALLER and make sure all weather settings are disabled. Ensure

that your license (if using the registered version) is valid.




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