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Totally Clueless About Fancy GTX 1060

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Shalom and greetings all my pals,




While my MSI GE62VR 6RF Apache Pro with 16 GB ram, 6 GB NVIDIA GTX 1060, 1 TB 7,200 rpm, and 226 GB SDD drive is doing well for my FSX Deluxe with SP1 and SP2 set in Windows 10 Professional operating system, I am trying to figure out to solve the problem of little fuzzy on ground texture when flying at FL350. Ground is always sharp when I see ground under my plane but little fuzzy when looking off left or right wing. My five year old laptop with 12 GB ram, 2 GB NVIDIA Geoforce 560 with CUDA, and 750 GB 7,200 rpm could show crisp ground texture from FL350 when under plane or looking right and left of the plane.




Since MSI GE62VR 6RF Apache Pro laptop is loaded with fancy glitz functions that I cannot make heads or tails to create right setting for FSX, I look at NVIDIA control center and notice that it is set to global setting with NVIDIA GRU. Should I switch setting to High Performance NVIDIA setting or leave it alone? I am afraid to mess it up.




I also notice that the NVIDIA control center's Anisotropic setting is set to 8X for FSX. I changed from 8X to 16X. Is this correct thing for me to do to make the ground texture crisp sharp when flying at FL350? Or is it big mistake and I should change back to 8X?




Thanks for any help that any of you might offer.








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