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Cursor Problem [Virtual Cockpit] FPS drop


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dear all members, i need help, to fix this things, i've got a problems on my FSX

when i adjusting my view at VC using Mouse + space, why are my FPS drop down? when the cursor is appear,

and when the cursor was disappear, i've got my FPS back, to normal.

i locked at 30 FPS, if the cursor was appear they will drop to. 25-27-28-23, and when the cursor are disappear, the FPS will back to Normally, 29.8 29.5 29.8


i can't find how to fix this things :( :( so tired. help me guys



big Regards,

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You can avoid using the mouse look which will free up some CPU. Use the joystick hat switch instead. A 4 frame hit while moving the view is not the end of the world especially since you are not moving the view 100% of the time.


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