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Finally, FSX installed into Windows 10!


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My computer crashed and I had to buy a replacement. I tried to install FSX Deluxe onto Windows 10 and gave up four times.

Each time a box appeared in the upper right with the words, Removing Applications, which I did not comprehend. Also about five small blue blocks appeared showing the installation progress, but always stopped. Each time, after about five minutes, I gave up and cancelled the installation. I even tried an external CD drive, but got the same results. Then ! ! ! I read someone's comment that he let it go for 15 minutes and volla! it worked and installed! So on the fifth try I got to the same box with the same five progress boxes, stopping. I left the room and decided to wait 20 minutes. I waited 25, and lo and behold FSX was loading! I put in Disk 2 when prompted, and it loaded. However, when I proceeded to enter my sets of Authenticating Numbers I received a message that I had used these disks over the limit [3X I suppose, each time with a replacement computer]. :-( I was dismayed, but I saw on the screen that you could telephone Microsoft for a phone authentication--it gave an 800 number. I did this and this time repeated all of the authentication numbers. The person or machine then dictated to me about 8 sets of 6 numbers to type into my phone. I had to type fast. Then it said to write them down in case of a disconnect. I did. I then pushed the button on the screen, or however it directed, and it worked and is now working perfectly! What a cycle of aggriavation, but finally success. I hope that this helps someone. ggc

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