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Hi All,


The old Acer is dying sad to say. It's traveled all over the USA with me and has been very dependable. Recently it has developed a very upsetting tendancy, it just simply shuts down. I was on a short final (less than 2 nm from touch down, beautifully set up, speeds right on, 3degree glideslope, etc) after an hour and half long flight and it shuts down, OFF, no warning at all. This wasn't the first time either, lost about half of a PowerPoint presentation I was working on, too.


Long story short got a new laptop. It's a Lenovo 110, Intel 7th Gen Core I5 2.5Ghz, Intel HD Graphics 620 and 8GB RAM. Not the greatest in the world but certainly a step up from the Acer (God rest it's soul :-( ).


So, now, I'm getting things set back up again. Have FSX Gold into it so far. I'm going to do some serious soul searching before I start loading some of the add-ons I had on the Acer. (Yes, I have them on an external drive so I CAN get them on here if I choose to.) My question is with this new computer what settings in both FSX and the computer will give me the best performance, ie., fastest load times, best resolution at the highest frame rates, etc?


Thanks in advance for your input.





Bill Mattson


Airspeed, altitude and ideas, bad to run out of all three at the same time

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