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OrbX FTX Global, OpenLC and VFR Generation X


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I have Great Britain scenery covered by VFR Generation x, and Orbx New Zealand and Pacific North West also installed.

I am tempted to install FTX Global and OpenLC Europe.

Although I realise that opinions on scenery are quite subjective, I would feel that my current installed scenery add-ons would have the edge over FTX Global and OpenLC Europe.

If I wanted to keep those showing over FTX Global and OpenLC Europe, is it just a matter of the order of the add-ons in the FSX library, keeping FTX Global and OpenLC Europe lower than the VFR and other Orbx scenery currently installed? Would this just improve the quality of scenery rendition in the rest of Europe and the world?


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scenery priority is as you describe. . .what is on the top layer will be seen. .though there are anonmalys. Placement could be an issue. Rivers, terrain, hills etc may not be like for like , infact i suspect they won't be. You can instal Orbx / Land class or region and select it as priority then if its not for you, deselect it in the scenery library rather than uninstall etc. this is essence turns it off.


I would go to the orbx forums direct as they will be the guys to really ask about any conflicts. they're very helpful


Personally i have Orbx regions Eu, Wls and Scot running with Europe LC and love it. Also off subject but i would suggest papa new Guinea too!

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