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Back after two years! BC, Canada tour

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Hello all! I've been away from the FSX world for a couple of years but now my job has slowed down for the winter so I have plenty of time to enjoy the hobby again. After three days of re-installing and troubleshooting FSX I finally got it working with no errors and found all my old backup DVDs of terrain and aircraft. I decided to only load up my ORBX terrain and I picked a couple piston singles to get familiar with the sim again.


After flying a Cessna 206 around for a few hours I looked through my aircraft library and came to one I had not flown: the IRIS Microjet. I must have purchased it right before I stopped simming. My loss, because this thing is an insane amount of fun.


This first shot is the exterior of the BD-5 sitting on the ground in BC after a few circuits. It's default livery is a nice red.



This is me headed to the Great White North from Idaho. This aircraft is a blast in the canyons:



Here is another shot before entering Canada:



The Great White North lived up to the name:



Here I am doing some circuits at CAU3:



The canyons just north of CAU3 are gorgeous any time of year:



Got a nice red, white and blue paintjob so the locals knew where I was from:



And finally, a little acrobatics over Tuc-El-Nuit Lake:



No one asked for a review of this aircraft but I'm going to give a brief one :) This Microjet is very fun. The cockpit looks true to the real aircraft and unfortunately lacks an attitude indicator just as many of the real ones do. That is my only complaint. It is a very simple and functional cockpit, and the start up and in flight procedures are easy to perform.


The flight characteristics are dreamy. It is a sports car for the sky. The aircraft is fully acrobatic and maneuvers can be performed with precision. The only difficult aspect of flight is when it comes time to get this bird out of the air and into the hanger. It is a light aircraft with very little parasite drag. Even with gear down and full flaps she will struggle to lose altitude so lots of training is required for landing.


A final consideration with this aircraft is fuel. It is a small aircraft and has a small fuel tank. Extended trips require lots of JET-A and many stops. I find this to be a positive, since even in real world flying I enjoy stopping at many different airports, but if you like long hauls then this is not idea. However, for short sprints and acrobatics, this little airplane is hard to beat. I am thoroughly enjoying it. Anyways, thanks for reading and sorry for the length.

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This is an aircraft we don't see very often in the screenshot forum....LOVE IT!

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