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Shall I Jump Ship From GMax/MSFS to X-Plane Plane Maker?


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A new iMac 27 complicates my life. My old 70/30 PC/Apple partition no longer works (horror story involving an incompatible Windows 7 and a buggy Windows 10...). I had considered a separate PC dedicated to GMax and FS9 (my favorite). Another option, though, is to jump directly to X-Plane and its Plane Maker.

That is, my primary time-gobbling isn't in virtual flying, it's in old aircraft construction (and the occasional oddity like my GMax 1876 Otto Engine and modern Swamp Buggy).

I've looked at the X-Plane 10 vs 11 tradeoff. The latter's Beta nature and overdone haze worry me. I understand that my CH pedals will work, but likely not my Logitech Attack 3 joystick.

Though I've done only a few scenery projects, I do enjoy the add-on talents of others.

I'd be interested to hear views of X-Plane builders. Do you think I'd be happy in future X-Plane time-gobbling?

Thanks sincerely.

Dennis Simanaitis (enged@aol.com)


Stage 2:

Through much fiddling, I got both GMax and FS9 working on a still buggie Windows 10. Its primary bug is lack of sound. Not only in FS9 but elsewhere as well. It's well documented on the net, with the usual M$ bull that doesn't help and other sources claiming to fix it with stuff one doesn't want or need attached.

I'm still interested in jumping ship, however. But I'll also post over at FS9 in case anyone else has experienced the Windows 10 sound problem and solved it.

Thanks again. ds

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