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737-800 Cockpit checklist with images...


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Hello all,

For years I have wanted to be able to start up and shut down the 737-800 in FSX. I've always flown smaller aircraft but I am now craving the 737!

I want to start her up from a cold n dark cockpit, taxi, fly, land, then shut her down correctly. I know not to run before I can walk so I am very happy to do this with the default 737 in FSX which I think is good start for me.

I have downloaded the Boeing 737-800 operations checklist by Werner Schott, but like most checklists, they are a list of procedures, but to a newbie like me, when it says 'Hydraulic Pump Switches ON' I don't know where they are!!

Does anyone know of a checklist that has images to make locating switches etc easier for the beginner?

I would be forever in your debt!

I have Just Flight's 737 Pilot In Command and also iFly 737 for when I'm ready to migrate!

Many thanks in advance (as I know you are all pretty efficient!!)

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Well, before you go too berserk here, I would recommend a couple of things.


1. Go to this site and download the 737-800 VC upgrade. It makes it a whole lot better.



2. There is an update for engine starting procedure that should be done also. I'll find it and post a link. Never mind on this! It was for fixing the 2D panel.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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Oops, I thought you said 747!! Wrote a whole tale, and would hate to see it go to waste.;)

So here you are:


The VC that MrZippy reccomends is nice. But, it installs in the default747-400, and replaces that VC.

(So you then can't use the default VC any more.)


You can find the Rojas Lucena 747 VC here (and the 737 VC is on there too):




I would suggest, keep the option of using both.

-You make a copy of the b747-400, so the plane is installed twice.

There's more to that then just copying. I happen to have written a guide here:


The text is about "preparing a plane to practice a VC merge on" (which is pretty much the same you are doing, installing the Lucena 747 VC instead of the default is a merge. Just the merge part is done by an autoinstaller. My text is just about creating a plane to do that with.)

Be aware that the Lucena updated 747VC that MrZippy recommends will auto-install into the default folder /Airplanes/b747-400




You install the Rojas Lucena 747 VC.


-Third, you update the other copy of the default b747 so it has a few more buttons. For example, in the default 747-400 VC there is no "AutoPilot-On/Off "switch.

In the following thread I explain how to add that button, and more.




THe ROjas Lucena VC does not have a Cours-set knob in the VC. In the default 747VC you can set the course by scroling over the course number in the HSI.

But that does not work in the Lucena VC.

I wrote a fix for that, here:





Then you have the default 747-400, with fixes, and the Lucena 747VC, with fix as well.


The default vc does not have the switches you mentioned. It's basically: Battery on, APU on, Fire up the engines, and go.

The Lucena one does have such switches on the overhead, but I have no idea if they work. Prolly do, just haven't really tried.

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Many thanks indeed. I have copied that answer and saved it as it will be helpful when I look at the 747 later! I have found a clear and easy video on YouTube on start up, plus I've managed to source a PDF file on starting up the 737 with clear images but it's for X-Plane. I thought this wouldn't matter as the procedure should be the same. I've tried attaching it but it won't let me, so here is the link if it helps others...



Thanks for your help. I will sit and study the procedure and see how I get on!:)

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