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Mostly Lauda Air - Playing with cloud layers - Different clouds, HDE.


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Flight was from HEBA - HEBA/Alexandria Borg El Arab Egypt

to LSZH Zurich Switzerland.

Then on to EHAM Amsterdam Schiphol Netherlands.







Takoff and climbout over the Med.













Over the Dinaric_Alps, between Greece and Albania.




more in next post.

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Now over northern Italy, true Alps ahead.




At Zurich. Decided to edit the tail.







At EHAM. Edited the tail a bit better to make it more crisp.







At times I love the new clouds, at times I'm not so sure.

Tail needs more work of course. Make it more of a round spot or something.

But, happy flights all.:)


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I tried with IE-11 first. That didn't work well.

I typed my message, tite and such.

Then uploading images. Got the popup with the "select files button"

That popup has a "basic uploader" button also.

I chose "select files" - didn't work.

I then closed the popup, and tried uploading one at a time.

That didn't work either!!!!

Because no longer got the option to select the "basic uploader".

every time I tried upload files I automatically got the "select files" option.


I decided to click "Back" button in browser and try posting again.

I fully expected to get the popup saying: "are you sure you want to leave this page, any content you entered will be lost..."

But no such thing. It just went back right away, to the main screenshot forum.


I was thinking, I can try in IE-11 again, type the post, and then select "basic uploader" in the popup from the start.

But then I thought, what if that only works for the first screenshot. What if I get the multi-upload only again after that.

If that happens I can again not upload all 6 screenshots in one go...


Decided not to risk that. Decided to use Opera instead.


I used the basic uploader in Opera.

There I just get the basic uploader every time. I never get the option to "select multiple files".

The basic uploader works well. (one at a time).

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