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Changing file location


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When I wanted to move my Orbx files out of FSX, I used a Windows Symbolic Link. This left a "folder" in FSX that appeared to be a normal folder (full of files) but was actually a link to another location on another drive. Windows 'knows' it is a link but all other applications treat is as if it were a real folder location where files actually reside.






Other software providers may not 'support' redirection of their installation location but Windows handles all the work so I didn't worry about it. I had NO issues with this 'misdirection' of location.


You can create this arrangement at any time. You do not need to set it up before using it


One caution: don't forget that when you look at the link you see all the files. These are not duplicates - do NOT delete them; you are looking at the 'other' location where you moved them to... they just appear to still be in the original location.



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