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FSXSE With Warping Software


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I use a curved screen with three projectors via a TH2Go. I have recently purchased and installed FSXSE to run alongside P3D.


Because the screen is curved I need to use blending/warping software, the one I use is Immersive Display Pro (IDP). I have three windows setup in FSXSE, each with a 60 degree FOV.


When I run IDP I have FSXSE added as an autorun programme. This means it should fire up when IDP fires up, however it does not. The developer of ISP suggests that there might be a special requirement for adding FSXSE as a autorun programme. Currently I have the path to the FSXSE exe file on my computer. Any ideas?


Also, 4 times out of five FSXSE does not open up properly when the warping software is running. FSXSE keeps running but sits on the taskbar minimised, I am unable to maximise it. The IDP developer feels there might be a particular way of running FSXSE to enable IDP to work properly with FSXSE. When it does work, it works very well. Again any ideas please?


Thanks very much





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