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Jane's Sub Command and Dangerous Waters in Win10 (non FS)


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They're playable again. :cool:


To install these titles in Windows 10, load the CD and run SETUP.

After install, right click the .EXE file and set Win10 compatibility mode for "XP SVC PK 2". Also set "RUN AS ADMIN".

(I haven't played around with other comp. modes yet, "Winows XP SVC PK 2 should work)


Now, you'll need a "beta" DLL file to get them to start and run.

Check the forum at Subsim.com for the download link or check the front page at Subguru.com.

You'll need to decompress a .RAR file, so plan ahead. :pilot:


Unzip (un-rar, whatever) the DLL file.

(prior to installing the DLL, check both the RAR and DLL for virus and mals, just to be safe)



The easy way to think of this is that the DLL MUST be in the same folder as the game's EXE.

If you put the DLL in the "Sonalysts Combat Simulations" or in the game's DirectX folder, it will not run.


Start the game and enjoy (again!). :cool:


The one downside will be that you're limited in terms of graphics. For example, Sub Command is coded for 800X600 graphics and the new DLL will run it in full screen at the screen resolution you have set for Windows. This might result in a slightly distorted display (things might look a little stretched) and you might loose some 3D effects for water and smoke, but IMO its worth the trade-off. :)


BTW for Sub Command, go back to Subguru.com and find the SCX II mod download. SCX II adds a huge amount of assets to the game as well as a more detailled 3DO for the US subs. :cool: If it seems like the installer takes a while, even on a new computer, its that big of an over-haul. :D

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