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Using FSX Aircraft in FS9


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I downloaded USN_reto_QF-86K_late80 s.zip. In the readme file it reads,

“Textures only for John Young (JYAI) F-86F AI model available here: http://www.militaryaiworks.com/download-hangar/file-library/download/7-aircraft-models/871-ai-north-american-f-86-sabre-usaf-jyai.


The download Files reads “JYAI North American-F-86-Sabre_FSX.zip.


Which would indicate to me, that it should work on FS9 Aircraft.

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MIAW tend to do FS9 models but they also do a (Few) FSX stuff as well, when you go on to the download section next to the item on the right you are downloading it usually says if it's FS9 or FSX.

I just looked, there is an FSX and underneath an FS9 version.

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