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L1011 Orbital Tristar


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So do I, but with ulterior motives. I am trying to find someone to make Air Nootka textures for an AI or static Beaver so that I can make the Gold River floatbase on Vancouver Island. Would you, or someone you know, be interested? I would settle for "not interested at all but bored with nothing else to do so ok". I tried the painters forum but without response. email rogwen at rogers dot com
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There is one located on the HJG webpage under Downloads section, look for Lockheed L1011-100 series




Search the internet for HJG Historic Jetliners Group. It is hosted on a separate website (not sure if it's okay to post the link here on this site)


I hope this helps. It's a very high quality model. ~Glenn

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Wow thanks Glen, that is far better than mine, it's funny I searched and searched but could only fine the FSX one, I've had this before with other aircraft and I've seen similar posts where someone can't find an aircraft then someone posts a link.


I have been on HJG before and had some their aircraft, very good models, I'll take a look and try and find it, I know there is a red one so it's authentic not a fictional.

Not that I'm against fictional I do loads myself, in fact I'm in the proceeds of doing one now lol.



Came back to add, I got it flying in the sim now, the only thing I don't like is the big balloon lights on that model, just my personal gripe, I hate them, they don't look realistic to me, I keep searching and asking if anyone knows how to HEX edit them out of the model, but no joy so far.

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Can you show me what and how if it isn't too long a precess?

I have tried disabling the lights in the lights section but to no avail, I read somewhere they are coded in the model that is why I asked about HEX edit but if there is another way I'm interested.

This is not a dig at the model makers because they do a great job its just these lights I don't like.

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You bet :)

As an example, here is a light section from my Aerosoft DHC-2 Beaver:


//Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing, 6=taxi, 7=recognition, 8=wing

light.0 = 3, 0.15, -26.90, 4.10, fx_navred

light.1 = 3, 0.15, 26.90, 4.10, fx_navgre

light.2 = 2, 0.15, -26.90, 4.10, fx_strobe

light.3 = 2, 0.15, 26.90, 4.10, fx_strobe

light.4 = 4, 1.15, 0.00, 1.50, fx_vclight

light.5 = 3, -24.75, 0.00, 0.50, fx_navwhi


If I wanted to, I could open the lights section from another Beavers aircraft.cfg file, or any other plane for that matter, and try using that planes fx_navred (or whatever the nav light effect is called in that plane).

That is why I mentioned experimenting with an airliner - maybe a DC-10, for example. Just swap the "fx_" file names until you find ones that suit the L1011 more prototypical.


Neil :cool:

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Hi Neil,

I found another Tristar and would you believe it that too had the big lights, I have a Boeing 734 that has normal lights but they are labelled different, I tried those guessing what was what but this time no lights at all lol.

I'll keep trying but thanks at least now I'm on the right track.


What is puzzling me is where it says Types: 1 beacon on your list, but 1 is navgre

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Thanks copperpen, I was thinking the same, I played about with them a few times but they still kept coming up like big balloons, except one point I don't know now what I did but I had no lights at all, I wasn't sure which I liked best lol.
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