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Disenchanted with the A2A C172 Trainer


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I've been flying Prepar3D's v3.4 academic version of their simulator. I do enjoy how it looks and it's a great way to keep brushed up on your flying skills. I know all sims have their ups and downs this one might be great because of X and that sim might be great because of Y but I thought that I've got my money's worth from Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D.


What I didn't get my money's worth from is A2A simulations C172 Trainer. Right out of the box so to speak (it was a download) the add-on hasn't worked. It won't start, it won't do anything but sit at my designated airport and look like a statue. I've tried auto start both the app from A2A to auto start the engine and control + E. On both occasions it flipped a few switches but didn't start the engine. I've tried looking on the web for solutions from forum posts to A2A's own website and I found out that they don't carry support in house anymore you're directed to their forum for technical support. All that's telling me is that A2A doesn't want to stand behind their product and would rather take your hard earned money than help a customer that's having a problem with their product.


On their site I found a lot of posts for FSX and P3D v2 but nary a post on P3D v3. $49.99 was a lot of money to plunk down just to have it not work. I know this sounds like a rant but if you were out fifty bucks wouldn't you be angry too?

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Maybe this video will help:

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There forum IS their method of support. If you don't wish to use it, do not complain about the product. Your problem could be anything from pilot error (most probable) to a bad install. Either way the A2A forum is the place to be. If you take time to read the posts in the forum you will find that many are answered by the developers themselves.


I would suggest toning down your attitude and frustration and posting in the A2A Tech Support forum - they are usually quick to respond.


Considering the number of people using the product with no problem you need to examine YOUR setup and methods.


Good luck,



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This is exactly why it costs $50 and not $18 (because it takes more actions to start it than it'd take an $18-worth product). You can't start it with Shift+E or the way you start Carenado planes specifically because you paid $50 and not $18. A2A Cessnas and Pipers are like little "pmdgs", they are for simmers who like some extensive interaction with the aircraft with stuff to do with it and buttons to click and keep busy. I have 172 and Cherokee, I don't insist on reading the manuals A to Z but suggest to watch the numerous videos/tutorials on youtube which I did (and still have stuff to learn). On A2A website you can even find good repaints for virtual cockpits which is like a strawberry over the cake.
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