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DIY ATMeg8-16PU Flight Controls Work!

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Happy Holidays! MJoy Project is a complete success! After working out a few "long-wire" noise issues and putting MJoy Version 1.3 to work, I have both a Trim Wheel and a Manifold Pressure control. The C177RG (from the downloads section) proved a real test with all the flap, gear and Prop controls worked smoothly as level flight throttle was pulled back to a fuel flow of around 12 gal. an hour. As I pulled the Prop knob back, the tach RPM dropped to "match" the manifold pressure reading. Boy! Does this Cardinal go! Further tests with the Beech King Air also went very, very well. This DIY / USB upgrade has changed how my practice sessions will be from now on! Any luck, I'll have the final diagram and a few photos attached as well? I recommend this USB Upgrade to anyone who has made their own controls for MS FSX. Ron


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