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BAe146-300 New Panel


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Has anyone had any success with John Murchison's BAe146-300 v1.1.zip aircraft and Mathias Liebarecht's ml146v41.zip panel in FSX?


A friend and I have tried integrating the panel into a BAe146-300. We cannot get the power on or start the plane. The readme says that the built-in autostart does not work in FSX. CTRL+E does not work either. We even tried the various switches that are required to start the engines, per the manual, with no success. The autostart button does start the APU.


If anyone has successfully integrated the panel into the -300 we sure would like to know how.


The panel sure looks nice and is very well done. It's a real shame we cannot get it working.


Thanks, Bob.

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I got it working, but it was so long ago and I don't have the files anymore. I thought the last version of the panel had some notes that came with it to get it working in FSX. Then I remember there was a "quick and dirty" checklist that someone posted (maybe on HJG website) to get it up and running.
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