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PMDG 777 Autopilot disconnect alarm will not shut off, no matter what!


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I am doing a flight from KDEN to EDDM. After several hours on a long haul flight I always have to reboot as my FSX because it eventually will freeze for about 20 seconds the unfreeze for lie 3 seconds. When I rebooted and reloaded my flight, during the 18 second initialization, my plane will rapidly decended. This time once the initialization finished, it kept descending and the Autopilot warning came on. I had to manually level my plane. This siren will not stop. I tried everything. I turned the AP off and on. Went into PMDG SETUP>AIRCRAFT>EQUIPMENT>toggled the RESETTABLE SIREN and still nothing. Any suggestions on the stubborn AP and also the FSX lag on long hauls? Thanks.
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