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Saitek Pro yoke?

redbird 1

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Recently installed FSX and hooked up my yoke and throttle Quadrant which I had used very sucessfully on my windows XP program. Now I have windows 10 and the yoke was recognized and works but the throttle quadrant does not. I did reinstall the drivers not knowing that windows more than likely would have recognized my yoke and throttle system. I suspect a conflict but not sure. Now at least I have the yoke but sure would like the use of the quadrant. I do have FSUIPC4 but not registered. I'm not a computer guru but with help I can find my way around. Any help would be appreciated. Merry Christmas to all who read this post.
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I seem to remember that when I installed my Yoke the axes weren't set. Go to FSX settings/controls and click the control axes tab. Make sure you have the following settings:


aileron axis -- x axis

elevator axis -- y axis

mixture axis -- y rotation

propeller axis -- x rotation

throtle axis -- z axis

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