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Its 2016 and almost 2017 what about a 767/757?


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Looking for the best payware and freeware 767s or 757s? I don't really like flying the 747s and the 737 does not fly as far as I want it to. Also many of the opensky mods I tried to download have crappy cockpit. Never could find a fix for them ether.


The big reason I am looking for one to get is I am going on a trip to play chess in Reykjavik (in April) and it would be lots of fun to fly my route before going. (That plane will be a 757-200). The route is PDX to KEF if anyone wondered. As long as the cockpit is decent and it looks fine I would like to get one. Nevermind about how hard it is to fly I have flown several sims before and would like the challenge.


And I tried to google the solution but no help at all. Most posts I seen were from 2013 or before.

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