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carenado c208b repaint kit?

Captain Vodka

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just purchased the Carenado C208b and the add on 'supercargo master' and cant seem to find any repaint kit in the download.


The only files available are within the simobjects - texture folder and theyre all BMP files. No PSD files or png's


Ive tried to open the BMP files but im getting error messge in Photoshop saying


'Could not complete your request becasue an unexpected end-of-file was encountered'


can someonw advise me where I can find the paint kit etc? I know with Carenado they're unlayered and have experience repainting the C208b EX and the Phenom.. all supplied with the appropriate psd files etc


Carenado just say theyre in the download.. theyre not!. .well as far as I can see

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