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Help with CLS repaint


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I tried repainting the cls psd which was included in their pintkits. after finishing up. i tried to load it up in FS2004. but when it does load. the textures become blurry even though its resolution is 1024*1024. I first saved it as a bmp in photoshop, then resaved it as as a dxt3 bmp using dxtbmp
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I have found a solution, that although it might not be the "best" one, is one that *always* works.


The problem - too many pixels and/or too many colours.

Solution - either reduce the pixels (to 512 X 512); or reduce the colours (go to 256 colours), or both.


I have never tried the with/without mips method so won't comment.

Steve from Murwilllumbah.
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