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Quick question abut Ezdok


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Hi All


I've been flying FS2004 for so long the disk broke, so I made the decision to go to FSX this week. I like it, but the main draw of FS2004 was the Active Camera. I know this is a common problem, but I have a very specific question I just cannot get an solution to by watching YouTube, etc.


I understand that Ezdok allows you to preset cockpit views which you then control with a key, but I use a laptop and want to pan and control with the touchpad like I did with Active Camera. So my quick question is: can I get in a 3D virtual cockpit on FSX, with Ezdok, navigate around with my touchpad and click on a live cockpit with the touchpad?


Or do I have to stop every five seconds and select a preset key for a stationary view in order to change the controls?


Thanks in advance, :)

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