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Getting back into simming... GPS/navaid update questions


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Hello all, I think this is my first post (although I used to post here a bunch of years ago under a username I can't remember!) I used to be an avid simmer, then life got in the way (plenty of excuses). I went to school, got a job, etc. But 2017 is a new year and I am getting back into it. I have one big question that my online research, forum research, and asking others has yielded some answers... but I wanted to ask this group: What is the best way to get updated navaids and GPS approach procedures into FSX? I understand navaids themselves are part of scenery files, however I also see third party GPS pay/free ware out there. I used to use MSFS as a way to practice actual IFR procedures... and I'd like to get back into that. I'm listing out a few things I've researched and would appreciate any feedback on it!


1) I see ILS/navaid updates via https://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html for VOR/NDB and ILS approach type updates... I've read good and not-good things about these updates. A lot of ILS approaches haven't changed in the years since FSX came out.


2) In my endeavor to find a suitable update to FSX default GPS, I have found two seemingly popular third party add-ons, Reality-XP and MindStar Aviation (GNS 430/530 type equipment). I also understand there are subscriptions available to keep these updated.... anyone favor one over the other? Something else out there?


3) I have also seen third party add-on aircraft that have FMC/GPS available. I've specifically looked at Carenado aircraft. Do these add-on aircraft come with the updated GPS data? Or also need an add-on such as Reality-XP or other? I've only looked at a few, so if there are other suggestions out there I'm open ears.


Thanks all, I appreciate the feedback and suggestions.


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