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A Spitfire for Christmas?


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Hello everyone,

my dear old mother-in-law has given me a little money for Christmas and I was thinking about treating myself to a Spitfire. I have some quite nice freeware versions (AF Scrub, God bless 'im) but I am prepared to spend some money to get a good one - but which one? A2A have a model - I have their P51 and love the Accu-Sim features - but the A2A Spitfire is a very early model and there does not seem to be a lot of repaints available. The RealAir model looks nice, covers some good later versions, lots of repaints, but the RealAir site has closed down so I don't know if I can still buy it. Are there any other good models out there? Would anyone like to share their thoughts / experiences please?

Thanks, much appreciated.



My rig specs: ASUS P8Z77-V Rev3 IZ77 4D3 LGA1155; Intel Core I7 3770K Ivy Bridge3 5gHz/8Mo; SSD 500Go Agility3; DD SATA-III, 1To, 7200T, 64Mo cache; DDRAM III PC-12800, 2 x 4 Go; NVidia 1060GTX TI SC 6Gb 1563-E3 (not over-clocked); Power supply - 850W Corsair HX850; Windows 7 Pro 64bits, FSX Gold (SP1+2, Acceleration).
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I've got the RealAir FS9 and FSX Spitfire. Lots of fun with them and as you mentioned, lots of repaints available too. You can still get the FSX version from...




Also, got A2A P-40 and P-51. Judging from the quality and realism of the A2A Accusims, I would get a A2A if I didn't all ready have the RealAir. The RealAir includes Contraprop and Racer versions I think the A2A doesn't have. Also includes WWII scenery with Spitfire AI planes. If you want to just fly and have fun, go with the RealAir. As you know you have to stay on top of the A2A Accusims or you crash and burn :eek:


I just checked over at AVSIM... They got about 89 repaints for the A2A Spitfire so that should keep you busy for awhile if you go with th A2A.

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