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Fsx & ram

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Conventional wisdom has been that FSX can handle 8GB of RAM, more would be a waste.


Jetline's top FSX computer comes with 32GB RAM. Is all that GB lost on FSX?


Also RAM has lately gone from DDR3 to DDR4. Is DDR4 a noticeable improvement for FSX or not?


Finally, the ram speed is accelerating, from my DDR 3 @ 1866MHz to Jetline's DDR4 @ 2666MHz. Does this improvement really help FSX?


Should I get excited about going to DDR4 or stay with my DDR3 RAM?


Opinions, please.





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First, FSX can only use a max of 4GB itself. This is because it is a 32 bit application. With 8GB of RAM, the system can give the sim as much as it can and will have plenty left for the OS and other applications running at the same time.


As for DDR3 vs DDR4, the first point to look at is what your CPU and motherboard support. Fre motherboards support both so moving from one to the other would require a new CPU and motherboard. There wouldn't be much performance benefit, if any, you moving to DDR4. The main determinant of sim performance is still going to be the CPU on either side.



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For DDR3 it helps to have matched pair ('kit') and low latency. Builders think they can stick 2 sticks with different manuf or specs and get away with it. They can but suffer BIG hit when it comes to performance. The parts that plug into the motherboard have to be matched to IT and then realize and understand how the motherboard (and BIOS) works with those parts (if you want 'performance'). If you use pc to check email and type letters then no biggee. But for FSX the requirements are 10 fold so more demanding. Look at my specs: I get 30 fps (locked) with heavy scenery (with objects) it goes to 20 fps but still 'flyable'.

Chuck B


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