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FSX new install


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After having FSX in my computer since 2008, I have sufficiently jacked it to the point of having to reinstall it. So I will completely wipe everything having anything to do with it and reinstalling it.


My question is, I know that over the years, certain files have been created to make things work, like the uiautomation.dll, etc. Now I know that just doing a Windows uninstall will not remove everything so I'm looking for places to look to make sure I have everything removed. Also, what files will I need to dl off the internet that are essential. I know I have FSUIPC on there but is it still necessary? I'm planning on adding A2A and PMDG to it after I get it installed.



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I would recommend using Revo uninstaller, free version, to get most of the crap out. It has an advanced mode which will clean the registry and get rid of the files they leave behind to annoy you. It may seem to sit for awhile while it looks for the extra crap (after hitting the next button), but be patient. It really does work.


I have had to completely reset to factory to actually get everything out. I have just reinstalled several times, so here's my checklist.


Update all drivers and system software. Install FSX and run. Install SP1 and run FSX. Install Sp2 and run. Check that your screen resolution matches FSX. MWGFX.dll and MWDDS.dll help out with JustFlight and other programs. UIAutomation core in. Check compatibility mode. HighMemFix-1 under Graphics Headline in FSX.cfg. Defragment.


I use FSUIPC and you'll start adding all the old stuff which will call for it eventually, then you'll watch as your framerates plummet once more as you add all your favorite planes and scenery. Alack and Alas, what can we do? I'm thinking X-Plane.


The best newest one I found is for when you can't register/activate it with MS. Right click on FSX.exe properties and uncheck Run in Compatibility Mode.


Hope this helps. I'm still learning about all the tweaks.



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Here's the definitive word on how to uninstall/reinstall FSX. http://support.precisionmanuals.com/kb/a87/how-to-uninstall-and-reinstall-fsx.aspx . Follow this and all will be OK.



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Uninstall all addons. And all other fsx related stuff. First.


Then uninstall fsx. From control panel- add/remove programs.

Do that twice! First time only removes accel/sp2. Second time removes fsx itself.


Reboot. Defrag.


Then install fsx. Should work fine.


If it then still won't install, ask again.


Don't use revo uninstaller.

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