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Panels Will Not Pop Up When I Use the Shift and Number Keys


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I want to know why my panels are not coming up on the screen when I use the Shift + Number keys. I'm not talking about the numeric keys on the right. I'm referring to the number keys above the alphabet keys. For example, when I press the Shift+2 key at the same time, which is usually the overhead panel, nothing happens. Pressing Shift + any of the number keys has no affect. They have always worked in the past and now nothing happens, and it does this with all aircrafts that use this function in FS2004. Even pressing the W key has no affect. What's the problem? The problem is not in the keyboard. The panels work fine in FSX.



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The first thing I would do is make a copy of the fs9.cfg file , then delete the original and allow the sim to build a new one. Does this solve the problem?




Yes, that fixed the problem. I started to do just that but I wanted to wait and make sure the problem wasn't something else.


Thanks, Ken.

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