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Rain effect doesn't work and bad sounds


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Weird, after years of operating FS2004 on an old PC I moved on to something newer. My i5 offers around 160 fps and nice looks.


However two things happened on that fresh PC and a fresh default installation of FS2004:


- The rain and snow is always falling straight no matter if I move. It ignores the snowflakes flying 'towards me' if flying.


- The sound is bad on some airplanes. There is a cracking noise if I look left or right in the Extra, the 172 has a weird brake sound and sometimes sounds like a turboprop (until I left the runway).


Has anybody had similar effects? Is there a way to cure this? Wonder if it has to do with other software. Think all went fine on my first test. Later I did a reinstall on another drive after installing other software but it was just ordinary stuff like Google earth, Picasa etc. Then, all trouble started.


Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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The sim can't render effects and play sounds properly when having to run at 160fps! Lock your FPS to 60fps or the same number as your monitor's refresh rate. Mine's locked at 25fps because movies play at 24fps and anything over that seems like a waste of resources to me, but your system seems to have more power than mine!

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Wow, that was easy! Thanks a lot! All cured with the slider reduced. I learned that the human eye can't see more than 16 frames a second. However you see a difference in the sim in terms of smoothness between 25 and 60. Now I am happy at around 35 with sound and rain fine.
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