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Reinstall scenery problem


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I had to completely reinstall my FS9 after losing my first version that I had spent years building.


Now the new, and CD installed, FS9 will not let me add any new sceneries. I can load them normally, but on restart the new scenery is not there in the scenery library! It just disappeared from the library.


Also the DAT File (.dat) that should be in the Addon Scenery folder is not there and will not appear when attempting to add scenery. Any help would REALLY be appreciated. Thanks

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Operating system is unchanged, still MS 8.1. I did use all four CDs in the install. Re-RE-installed three times and results the same, (what's the definition of insanity?). Maybe something in the scenery cfg. I am truly stumped! My GW3 install is ok.
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Hopefully you did not install into the Programs File folder, that may cause problems.


The .dat files are system files and are hidden by default. FS will not run without them, or more correctly, will rebuild them on startup if you delete them.


Is it possible that you forgot the "special trick" to adding to the Scenery Library?


Watch this-



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