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FAIB 737 radome


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Short answer. A texture file of that aircraft has the wrong alpha channel.


Longer answer:

Just fixed this on a plane of mine, WoA_FAIB_FS9_B737-800_W

KLM texture

Filename of texture was:




Before editing the image I made a BACKUP of it.

(copied, renamed backup copy to:

FAIB_737_800_T -0- orig copy.bmp




Then for editing FAIB_737_800_T.bmp


With the program dxtbmp you can open a texture file. (in this case probably a .bmp file.).

You will see it consists of two images. One is the image, the other is the alpha channel.

In my case the alpha was mainly white, with some black area's.


Black regions in the alpha can make area's transparent. (depends on the colour of the image too.)


I selected "save alpha as" and saved it to my desktop.

There I opened it with "Paint"

And made it all white.

Closed Paint and saved.


Then I went back to DxtBmp (which was still open)

and selected "Import new alpha channel"

Then I selected the white file I had just created, so the alpha was now all white.


And simply saved the file "File---Save"



Restarted FSX

The result, the dome is now no longer transparent, but white instead.

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A word of caution.


The white dome can be an eyesore too. A hole in the top of the plane will only be seen from very few angles. Looking from inside the cockpit a plane with a hole will look like it just has a straight back. As it is seen in side view. But a white dome will stick out.


I'm not sure if you can make the dome anything other then white.


I had a look in the WoA_FAIB_FS9_B737-800_W folder.

All of those seem to have this alpha channel that's partly black in their texture file.

I have 178 texture folders in that plane alone.

Changing those all would mean seeing those white domes everywhere. Not sure I want that.


I also found some other planes that had this.


Anywho, if you decide to go this route, make sure you make backups of the texture files before you change them. You may well want to undo it someday.


Here's a view of the effect.


In the 737-800









and in the 747 Freighter






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The radome visibility is controlled by the Alpha channel.


I would suggest you make sure you are using the latest FSX version of the model.


An earlier and/or FS9 version might not display properly.


And if you want the radomes to be another color they can be painted as desired, they do not have to be white. However you will find some of them unpainted, the paint interferes with the signal reception- http://www.airliners.net/photo/KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines/Boeing-747-406/1252724



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